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Terms of Use

You are welcome to access this site via conventional web browsing and enjoy the data we make available to guests looking for marketers to help with their marketing needs.

We expect communications to be cordial and civil at all times, however we are strong proponents of free speech. As such, we shall never judge where it comes to the business sector being marketed as long as it is legal both in our own operating jurisdiction and in the jurisdiction where the marketing service is being offered.

We are a paid service, offering a venue for listings of information about marketers. If we are made aware of any criminal activities by any member, we shall remove that member without any refund.

We shall work to keep the service running as intended. That said, there are a variety of reasons why web sites become unavailable (anything from required maintenance to a malicious attack on infrastructure). We shall not be held liable for the inability to reach or use the site for any reason, nor for any losses real or perceived that a member may believe they experienced.

As a member, if you do good work, are honest in your dealings, respect others and always try to do the right thing, you will always do fine here.