About Marketers.Org

Without you, Marketers.Org is nothing but a domain name. An outpost of identity on the web.

With you, Marketers.Org can be a tremendous resource to people looking for marketers in given geographies or for a given specialty. The plan is to provide an annual subscription model to list of $18.25 per year (a nickel a day for Marketing!). The expectation is that in keeping the pricing low, with volume, the site becomes more useful to entrepreneurs and smaller startups who need some exposure. If you look at marketing on social media, the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions for some groups, telling us there are a lot of budding marketers out there.

Because it is a generic domain, Marketers.Org can be setup in ways that make logical sense and operationally it provides better scalability. For example, we can dedicate a machine (or several machines) to US.Marketers.Org to accommodate those who service needs for marketing covering the US. We also can use Marketers.Org to describe function in a like way - Legal.Marketers.Org to focus search to the legal marketing community.

Marketers.Org can use its first front facing contact to establish exactly what kind of and where a searcher is looking for a marketer.

During this phase of Marketers.Org, we are gathering and understanding inputs from those interested in participating in the Marketers.Org directory. We are gathering that data in our Join area.

This edition of Marketers.Org will tell us if the site makes sense to the people it should serve and therefore should be developed.