We live in an exciting age. An age where there is so much information and opportunity.

If only it could be better organized... Now it can!

Looking Back

We put this early stage edition of the site up to gather and gage interest in developing a comprehensive international directory of Marketers.

While some believe build it and they will come, experience suggests that is not always the case. We ask that you communicate your interest via our Join page.


What do you market today? You are welcome to register with Marketers.Org to get updates on progress.

Where can you market tomorrow? Well, the expectation is right here.

Going Forward

Once we have a critical mass of marketers interested in supporting this site, we will be reintroducing the site, fully powered and ready to categorize marketers by function and geography.

We hope you like our plan. Yes, it is simple, but sometimes simple is the most elegant solution to a complex system.